Lorraine Sanabria Robertson

Lorraine Sanabria Robertson is an author, nationally published freelance writer, social media enthusiast and founder of 30 Miles Media, Inc. Her work has appeared in various publications including Heart and Soul, Upscale and Teen People magazines. She frequently pens parenting, marriage, travel and health related stories. In March 2009 she was featured on the Travel Channel’s “Great Cruises: Why Not The Mediterranean?” television show.

Lorraine is the author of Help! I'm a Newlywed ... What Do I Do Now? Wife-Saving Advice Every New Bride Must Know to Survive the First Year of Marriage; creator of AskWifey.com; and co-founder of TheBlogRollers.com.

With more than 15 years of experience Lorraine, former director of publicity for LaFace Records, has contributed to the success of several superstar artists including OutKast, Usher, TLC and Toni Braxton. She also served as assistant director of communications at Spelman College where she was editor of the college newsletter, was on the editorial board for the college's publications, and remains a regular contributor to the Spelman Messenger, the school's alumnae magazine.

Happily married for 11 years, Lorraine lives in Atlanta with her husband, Napoleon, and their children, Miles and Milan. Her life-changing wedding was featured on The Learning Channel’s popular television show, “A Wedding Story.”

Contact Lorraine at lorraine_robertson@comcast.net.

Recent Happenings

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The Root: Hot Fun in Atlanta

As a social media enthusiast, I’m definitely drawn to online writing. I had a blast this summer writing two pieces for The Root about my resident city, Atlanta.

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Alumnae on Board of Trustees

One of my favorite things about my ongoing relationship with Spelman College is the opportunity to meet and engage with such dynamic and powerful women leaders. In the Spring 2010 issue of the Messenger I interviewed some of the College’s most successful alumnae for the cover story, “Alumnae on Board of Trustees to Ensure Bright Future.”

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Thin Line

Tackling stories that raise strong emotion and opinions are always interesting to write – especially when it comes to children. In the December/January 2010 issue of Upscale I contributed “Thin Line: What Parental Rights Do Moms and Dads Have When Uncle Sam Gets a Say?”

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Raising Talented Teens

As a mom, parenting stories naturally appeal to me. I was thrilled at the chance to head to Walt Disney World in Orlando to cover the annual Disney’s Dreamers Academy with Steve Harvey for Heart & Soul magazine. The article, “Raising Talented Teens,” provides parents with successful strategies in the August/September 2009 issue.

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